Hilary Bryanston
Painter, Sculptor & Tutor

Hilary Bryanston - Art Gallery

Below is a selection of the works of Hilary Bryanston. To view them at a larger size, click on the image amd to return to this page click in the black around the image to close it. Please note that digital reproduction does not always capture the essence of the colours used in art, and there may be some variation. For further information and enquiries, please contact Hilary.

The Blue Horse
oil on canvas

The Messenger
oil pastel

The Blue Song (detail)
oil on canvas

The Machinery, The Cat and The Cairn
mahogany with mixed media

Labyrinth With 4 Animals
Transparent Watercolour

The Three Archetypes
red terracotta

The Blue Cat
oil on canvas

Harmonica Breathing With Small Moon
oil on canvas

Labyrinth With 3 Rowers & 6 Fish
Gouache on paper

The Cribarth
oil on canvas, stretched over board

Staircase Leading To Nowhere
egg tempora on gessoed wood

Mandala Breathing
Oil on canvas

Mountains In Blue and Gold
oil on canvas

Bath stone carving

Mermaid With Angels
oil on canvas