Stone Carving

Hilary Bryanston

When I work in stone, I respond to the shapes that seem to emerge from the stone itself. As I see these forms, I reveal or release them by carving away at the spaces in between. My carvings are figurative & also narrative with some abstract elements.

I am fascinated by the power of negative spaces - the spaces in between things - the silence that resonates between pieces of music.

In Astronomy, this is called, 'Dark Energy.' It is the space in between the stars & the planets. ' The unknown source of a repulsive force which appears to pervade the universe.' from the Cambridge Dictionary of Astronomy by Jacqueline Mitton.

Hilary Bryanston - Artist Statement

A stone carving can enhance any garden space.

Embrace, a carving in Bath stone by Hilary Bryanston

The Sibyl, direct carving in Bath Stone Limestone
35 cms high x 12 cms deep x 16 cms wide.

Sculpture Gallery

Bearded Man Asleep

Cat Man

Nature Spirit


Visitor from the Black Mountain

Winged Man