Exhibitions and Showings

Hilary Bryanston

Hilary Bryanston is a painter, sculptor and art tutor now living in the Swansea Valley. She has been exhibiting for almost four decades. Below, are listed the major exhibitions and shows divided into Solo and Group exhibitions, most recent first. In addition, a list of her major works found in private collections and works used in illustrations is included.

Solo Exhibitions

2020   'The Shape of Sound' solo exhibition in Oriel Bach, within Oriel Q, Narberth
2016   - 2017 'Fragments made Visible,' Paintings Ceramics Assemblages Stonecarvings at Swansea Museum.
2011   'Seven Visitors' Oil Pastels & Terracottas at The Hours Cafe Bookshop, Brecon
2010   The Washington Gallery, Penarth, Wales
2004   Neath Museum and Art Gallery at the Gwyn Hall, Wales UK
2002   Assemblages and I Ching readings at the Washington Gallery, Penarth, Wales UK
2001   Assemblages at The Washington Gallery, Penarth, Wales UK
2000   The Fane Arts Centre, Glynneath, Wales UK
1985   Stafford Art Gallery, UK
1985   Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum
1984   E.M. Flint Gallery at Walsall Museum and Art Gallery, UK
1983   Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery, UK
1981   Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham, UK
1975   Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales UK, with ceramicist Margaret Tilly (now Brampton Pottery)

Group Exhibitions

Hilary Bryanston

2022   (22 Feb - 19 Mar) 'The Softness of Rain' within Welcome 2022 group exhibition at the Found Gallery, Brecon
2021   (Winter) Glynn Vivian - Swansea Open
2021   (Sep-Nov) Artists & Collectors Fundraising Auction at Oriel Q, Narberth
2019   (Sep) Space - Open Art Competition at King Street Gallery, Carmarthen
2019   (Aug-Sep) Summer Exhibition at Tregwynt Mansion, Pembs, held by the Fishguard Arts Society
2019   (Jul) Summer Auction and Open Exhibition at Oriel Q, Narberth
2019   (Jun - Aug) Miniature Masterpieces Exhibition at Oriel Lliw, Pontardawe
2019   (Feb - Mar) Open Art Exhibition at Queen Street Gallery, Neath
2019   (Feb) Female Expressions at Queen Street Gallery, Neath
2019   (Jan - Mar) New Year New Art at Oriel Lliw Gallery, Pontardawe
2018   (Nov - Jan 2019) Winter Celebrations exhibition at Oriel Lliw Gallery, Pontardawe
2018   (Winter) Glynn Vivian - Swansea Open
2018   (Nov - Dec 2018) Winter Open at Oriel Q Gallery Narberth
2018   (Sep - Oct 2018) Year of the Sea - Open Art Competition at King Street Gallery, Carmarthen
2018   (Aug) Judge at Three Towns Exhibition, Ammanford
2018   (Jun - Aug) Gower to the Gwrhyd - Hilary Bryanston and Jane Carpenter at Pontardawe Heritage Centre
2018   (Mar - Apr) Tawe Valley Art Competition at Oriel Lliw Gallery, Pontardawe
2017   (Winter) Glynn Vivian - Swansea Open
2017   (Nov - Jan 2018) Christmas Exhibition at Oriel Lliw Gallery, Pontardawe
2017   (Sep - Nov) Myths and Legends at Oriel Lliw Gallery, Pontardawe
2017   Fishguard Arts Society Open Exhibition at Tregwynt Mansion, Pembrokeshire
2017   (July - Aug) Feasting on Light - Plein Air Exhibition at Swansea Grand Theatre
2017   (Jun - Aug) Members Exhibition, Arts in the Tawe Valley, Oriel Lliw Gallery, Pontardawe
2017   (Feb) When Love Speaks, at Oriel Lliw Gallery, Pontardawe Arts Centre, organised by Arts in the Tawe Valley
2016   - 2017 Paintings at Riverside Gallery, Ystradgynlais
2016   The Artists of Berllan Las at Swansea Museum
2016   Arts in the Tawe Valley, at Oriel Lliw Gallery, Pontardawe Arts Centre
2016   The creation of Arts in the Tawe Valley Arts Week, opening the studios at Berllan Las to the public as part of the Art Trail, which became an annnual event
2015   The Physical, the Metaphysical and the Astrophysical at Saint Donat's, an exhibition of paintings and photography by Hilary Bryanston, Phillip Jacobs, and Ian Glendenning
2015   'Blue Orchard Paintings' at Swansea Grand Theatre, 31st March-24th April (with Tim Grant, Sue Mann, Lynnford Jones, Andy Wardrop, Phillip Jacobs, and John Hutchinson)
2014   'Art I Facts' at The Muse, Glamorgan Street, Brecon, together with Take pART
2014   'Mann, Bryanston, The Labyrinth' at National Trust Visitor Centre, Rhossili, Gower, Wales (with Sue Mann)
2013   - 2016 (Annual) Christmas at Ceri Richards Gallery, Swansea University
2013   Earth, Fire & Water at Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon (with Tim Grant and Lynnford Jones)
2012   Even Larger Artworks at the Lliw Gallery, Pontardawe Arts Centre
2012   Larger Art Works at the Riverside Centre, Pontardawe
2003   Art Matters, Tenby, nine selected artists
2007   - 2016 Hilary Bryanston curated a rolling group exhibition for the Entrance Foyer at Pontardawe Arts Centre for the purpose of raising funds for Pontardawe Arts Centre and also for the deconsecrated church of Saint Ciwg, Llangiwg.
2007   The Brunswick (three person show, Bruce Risdon & Lynnford Jones)
2006   Pontardawe Arts Centre (curated a show for Llanciwg Church)
2006   Swansea Open at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery
2005   Castle Street Gallery, Hay-on-Wye
2003   Welsh Artist of the Year open show at St David's Hall, Cardiff
1990   Duncan R Miller Fine Arts, Hampstead, London, with artist William Gear
1990   Listed in Francis Spalding's book - '20th Century Painters & Sculptors, Dictionary of British Art'
1984   Midland View 3 touring exhibition
1981   Icon Gallery, Birmingham Artist Group art auction
1976   Llanover Hall Art Fayre, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff


Hilary Bryanston

Paintings and drawings by Hilary Bryanston have been used to illustrate books, magazines and CDs, including as covers and as internal graphics.

Farflame by Swansea Valley author Grey Wolf is beautifully illustrated with a unique cover by Hilary Bryanston:
I chose the early medieval dragon which only has hind legs because I felt that Wales has come full circle back to the natural beauty of the landscape. Now that the industry of coal mining has mostly disappeared, the dragon rises powerfully out of the coal fields bringing new energy.
Buy Farflame by Grey Wolf

Beware The Moor by poet Glyn Roberts features a cover and internal drawings by Hilary Bryanston. It can be ordered by emailing the author at glynroberts@hotmail.com

AHF Magazine issue 6 included that painting 'The Suspension of Disbelief' by Hilary Bryanston as the front cover art. Click on the cover above to see the painting in more detail. Issue 6 is out of print but back issues may be available from ceo@purpleunicornmedia.com

AHF Magazine issue 12 included that painting 'The Missing Time' by Hilary Bryanston as the front cover art. Click on the cover above to see the painting in more detail.
Issue 12 of AHF Magazine can be viewed here

The Gwrhyd Mountain Band

As well as being a member of the Gwrhyd Mountain Band, Hilary Bryanston also illustrated the EP and CD which the band produced, including the image upon the disc itself.

The EP 'Sweet Dreamer' was released in 2017, and features Hilary Bryanston's artwork on both the front cover of the CD, and upon the disc itself. It is available for purchase from https://gwrhyd-mountain-band.bandcamp.com/album/sweet-dreamer-ep.

The album 'Sweet Dreamer' was released in 2019 by the Gwrhyd Mountain Band, which consists of David Rees (vocals & guitar), Rhiannon Jones (violin, percussion, vocals), & Hilary Bryanston (harmonica). The back cover of the CD includes detail from Hilary Bryanston's painting of The Gwrhyd Mountain. The album is available from https://gwrhyd-mountain-band.bandcamp.com/album/sweet-dreamer

Detail from the booklet for Sleeping Dreamer CD album, showing Hilary Bryanston's artwork top-left and bottom-right.

Private Collections

Hilary Bryanston

Collection of Tim Grant
'The Light & the Dark Forces' - Oil Pastel
'Walking on the Gwrhyd Mountain' - Oil Pastel
'Visitor from The Black Mountain Dancing' - Egg tempera

Collection of Annemarie Xanvier
'Epiphanic Head' - direct stone carving in Polyphant Stone.
'March with Toy' - terracotta sgraffito

Collection of Johnny Morris
'Woodpecker, Goldfinch and Egg' - egg tempera on wood panel
'Juggling Fairy' - Monotype

Collection of Sarah Thom
'Faerie in Tree with Fish' - monotype with watercolour
Thumb pot with dark glaze inside & two colour slip incised decoration

Collection of the Washington Gallery
'The Golden Hare' - Assemblage

Collection of Jane Radford Fine Art
'Enter Cloud' - Oil Pastel

Collection of Margaret Brampton
'Four Visitors' - Oil on Hessian

Collection of Joscelyn Prosser
' Seven Visitors from The Black Mountain with Plants' - Egg tempera on wood panel.

Works sold by Oriel Q, Narberth
' The Darkening of The Light' from the Chinese book of Changes - oil on canvas
'Trapped Miners' - oil on canvas

Works sold by Oriel Rhosyn, Ystradgynlais
'The Blue Cat' - oil on canvas

Works sold Victoria Fearn Gallery, Cardiff
'Embrace' - stone carving

Collection of Patrick Xanvier
'From a Time Before Books Became a Memory' - acrylic on mahogany panel

Collection of Matt Soady
' Seven Visitors from The Black Mountain with Hare' - oil pastel sgraffito

Collection of Sue Butterfield
'Underwater ballet in Space' - from The Moon Series oil on canvas

Collection of Jeremy Pye
'The Blue Horse' - oil on canvas

Collection of Beatrice Williams
'The Embracing Arm' - glazed ceramic maquette

Collection of David Hammond-Williams
'The Drama of the Gwrhyd Mountain' - gouache on Ingres paper

Collection of Mary Hayman
'Angel with Wrap' - terracotta ceramic

Collection of Liz Flaherty
'The Blue Face' - painting

Collection of Ian Glendenning
'Stone Gate of the Gwrhyd Mountain' - egg tempera on gessoed wood

Collection of Judy Blakemore
'The Suspension of Disbelief' - oil on canvas

Collection of Sarah Jones
'Green Face at the Window' - oil on canvas

Collection of Alison Vaughan
' The Sea The Sea' - acrylic on canvas

Collection of Maria Harris
'Seated Blue Woman' - acrylic on wood panel
'Maria' - soft pastel

Featured In

Hilary Bryanston

Hilary Bryanston was included in Frances Spalding's 1990 book 20th Century Painters & Sculptors, Dictionary of British Art. Copies can be purchased on Amazon

Hilary Bryanston is included in the new encyclopedia of Wales-based artists 'Postwar To Post-Modern' by Peter W. Jones and Isabel Hitchman. This book can be purchased new from www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1848518765


The Wolfian magazine issue 3 had a feature on Hilary Bryanston. Whilst the magazine is now out of print, back issues can be ordered from the publisher - ceo@purpleunicornmedia.com

Scimitar Magazine featured 'The Shape of Sound' focused on an exhibition by Hilary Bryanston. The magazine is now out of print with no back copies available.